Achievements of the Academy in number (1989-2020)

  1. Number of Fiqhi Seminar: 28
  2. Number of Academic Seminar: 49
  3. Number of Workshops and Symposium: 31
  4. Academic Lectures & Symposium: 57
  5. Number of Seminars in the Government Universities: 12
  6. Number of Seminars held outside India: 2
  7. Number of Training Camps: 5
  8. Number of Lectures in Islamic Madaris and Others: 100
  9. Number of Books and Publications in Urdu: 300
  10. Number of Books and Publication in Arabic: 60
  11. Number of Books and Publication in English: 20
  12. Nuber of Books and Publication in Hindi: 7
  13. Number of Books and Papers Translated: 200
  14. Number of Abridgments and summaries: 30
  15. Number of Drafts Prepared: 400
  16. Number of jurisprudential decision: 810
  17. Number of Coordinating and Organizing Committee of the Academy: 4
  18. Number of Participation in international conferences. More than: 200
  19. Number of High profile Projects Completed: 40
  20. Website of the Academy: 1 (In four languages)
  21. Number of old Fiqhi manuscripts: 2 (Eight Volumes)
  22. Number of Scholarship for University Research Scholars: 20
  23. Number of Distributed Books (Including Quran): 20000
  24. Number of research scholars who approach to IFA for the research work: 100
  25. Number of Electronic Magazine "Al Modawana": 22
  26. Number of Gift Books in Arabic for Free Distribution: 500
  27. Number of Urdu Fiqhi Books in Pakistan: 32
  28. Urdu translation of jurisprudential encyclopedia in 45 volumes
  29. Collective deliberations and decisions on 200 new contemporary topics
  30. Organized four academic programs in collaboration with ISESCO (Morocco)
  31. Organized an economic program collaboration with the the International Union of Muslim Scholars
  32. Organized two important academic programs collaboration with the IDB Jeddah and IRT Jeddah
  33. Organized an international seminar in Istanbul collaboration with the ISAM Turkey
  34. Scholarly collaboration with the International Institute for Islamic Thought
  35. Conducted two important training programs with Markaz Tamez Bahsi Al-Imam Muhammad Bin Saud University (Saudi Arabia)
  36. Academy Jurisprudential Books Published and Printed in Malaysia, Lebanon, Qatar, Egypt, Pakistan
  37. Conducted programs on the topics of economic development, education and training of Muslims
  38. Scientific agreements with international organizations
  39. Number of Projects Completed: 29

Important projects completed by IFA during last 30 years:

  • First Project: Research of Jurisprudential Manuscripts, 2 in number: (1)- Mukhtaratun Nawazil by Marghinani in four volumes, and, (2)- Sinwanul Qaza wa Unwanul Ifta by Ashfurqani in four volumes)
  • Second Project: 
  • Third Project: Translation of the entire Islamic Fiqhi Encyclopedia, prepared in Kuwait in Urdu Language in Forty Five (45) volumes.
  • Fourth Project: Translation of Contemporary Jurisprudential Books, 30 in number, in Urdu Language.
  • Fifth Project: 28 Fiqhi seminars on national and international level, in which more than 3 hundred Islamic scholars and experts from India and abroad participated in every program and sessions.
  • Sixth Project: 39 Academic and Intellectual seminars on national and international level, in which professors, jurists and academicians participated.
  • Seventh Project: 40 Workshops and camps in cooperation with young Islamic scholars in which universities’ young research scholars participated.
  • Eighth Project: 2 International seminars in Turkey, in which university professors from Turkey as well as India participated.
  • Ninth Project: 5 Educational and training camps in which students of the religious seminaries and Madaris participated.
  • Tenth Project: Series of more than 100 academic lectures in Indian Islamic Madaris and others in cooperation with the Indian and foreign universities’ professors.
  • Eleventh Project: Specific gatherings and meetings of intellectuals and academicians.
  • Twelfth Project: Translation of 200 research academic and intellectual papers in different languages.
  • Thirteenth Project: Translation of 7 Books published from International Center for Moderation, Kuwait.
  • Fourteenth Project:  Translation of 3 books published by the Commission for Application of Sharia, Kuwait.5. Second Project: Urdu translation of the Decisions of International Fiqh Academies (Islamic Fiqh Academy, affiliated to World Islamic League in Makkah Mukarramah, International Islamic Fiqh Academy, affiliated to Islamic Conference and European Committee for Ifta and Research).
  • Fifteenth Project: Printing and publication 250 jurisprudential academic books in different languages.
  • Sixteenth Project: Preparation of 35 academic treatises and research papers on different topics in different language.
  • Seventeenth Project: Academic and intellectual participation in international conferences on behalf of the Academy, whose number exceeds 150.
  • Eighteenth Project: Providing academic, intellectual and research materials for university research scholars in different phases of doctorate in Indian and foreign universities: 40 researchers
  • Nineteenth Project: Grant of 20 scholarship to the university research scholars in different disciplines.
  • Twentieth Project: Preparing 30 abridgments/ summaries in modern and easy to understand style.
  • Twenty First Project: Founding and enrichment of “IFA Publications” with full vitality and implementation mechanism, which published 200 books.
  • Twenty Second Project: Publishing “Al-Mudawwana” (Arabic Language) an electronic journal 18 in number.
  • Printing of the Calendar for IFA in every year.
  • Twenty Fourth Project: Issuing Fatwa by the Department of Ifta to guide and direct the persons asking fatwa.
  • Twenty Fifth Project: Buying lands to build the new building of the Academy.
  • Twenty Sixth Project: 50 Special advisory meeting of the Board of Directors and Executive Body.
  • Twenty Seventh Project: Distribution of books and CDs free of costs among the participants in seminars and programs of the Academy.
  • Twenty Eighth Project: Religious guidance and direction of the people by distributing Islamic booklets for awareness.
  • Twenty Ninth Project: Translation of introductory and historical books about “Aqsa Mosque”.
  • Translation of 14 Maqasid Books into Urdu.

    In the field of seminars and conferences:

    In order to solve the problems and issues, the Academy adopted the methodology of academic debate and in the light of Islamic Jurisprudence in cooperation with the jurists and experts to arrive at clear results, and during the last 28 years, 25 seminars were organized in different places, regions and cities, in which most of the important issues, were discussed which are clear from the following table: 

    Table No. 1

    Table of Seminars Held on Different Topics:

    Sem. No.DatePlaceTopics
    1stApril 1-3, 1989
    New Delhi
    Organ Transplantation, Birth Control, Pagdi (Rental Security)
    2ndDec  8-11, 198
    New Delhi
    Currency, Bank Interest, Commercial Interest
    3rdJune 8-11,  1990
    Bangalore (Karnataka)
    Islamic Banking, Murabah, Sale of Rights
    4thAug 9-12, 1991
    Hyderabad (AP)
    Exchange of Currencies between two different countries, Insurance, Islamic Banking
    5thOct 30 - Nov.2, 1992
    Azamgarh (UP)
    New Issues Concerning Zakah an important expenditure in the way of Allah
    6thDec 31,1993 - Jan 2,1994
    Omarabad (Tamil Nadu)
    Ushr-o-Khiraj System of Islam, Juristic Status of India as a country
    7thDec 30,1994 - Jan 2,1995
    Bharuch, (Gujarat)
    Slaughtering through Machines, Rooyat –al- Hilal, Zarurat Wa Hajat
    8thOct 22-24,1995
    Aligarh (Uttar Pradesh)
    Medical Ethics, Ishtiraat Fi Nikah, Urf wa Aadat
    9thOct 11-14, 1996
    Jaipur (Rajasthan)
    Fish Pond Trade, Sale and Purchase before possession, Shares, Astronomical Sunrise in Rajasthan

    Sem. NoDatePlaceTopic
    10thOct 24-27, 1997
    Awqaf, Hajj-o-Umrah, Bai Bil Taqseet.
    11thApril 17-19,1999
    Patna (Bihar)
    Kifaat,Wilayat in Nikah and the orders relating to Weak  ( Zaiif) Ahadith
    12thFeb 11-14, 2000
    Basti (Uttar Pradesh)
    Internet and Media, Talaq Sakran, Shariah Position of Differences of opinion.
    13thApril 13-16, 2001
    Katauli, Malihabad  (Uttar Pradesh)
    Transformation, Marriage by force, Investment of Zakah, Finalizing deals through Internet
    14thJun 20-22, 2004
    Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh)
    Relations between the Muslims and Non-Muslims, Islam and the World Peace, The Issue of Using Gelatin, The Creation of New Awqaf
    15thMarch  11-13, 2006
    Mysore (Karnataka)
    Genetic Science, Medical Insurance, Bank Cards & DNA Test
    16thMa 30- April 2, 2007
    Azamgarh  (Uttar Pradesh)
    Network Marketing, Euthanasia, Brain Death, Time period for stone pelting at Jamarat and Stay outside Mina within the limits of Haram
    17th5-7 April, 2008
    Burhanpur (Madhya Pradesh)
    Ecological Conservation, Sex Education, Applying modern methods of medical treatment during a fast, Starting point of a journey, Shariah command convening the place of Employment.
    18th28Feb-2Mar 2009
    Madurai (Tamil Nadu)

    Rights of Prisoners, Educational Loans, Plastic Surgery, Women’s Employment.

    Sem. NoDatePlaceTopic


    12-15 Feb 2010
    Jamia Mazhar Saadat, Gujarat
    ivorce Through Court in non Muslim Countries, Children’s participation in their fathers business, Credibility of place during the days of affirming sacrifice, Taxable Value (Nisab) in Gold and Silver, Issue of Tawarruq, Shariah Status of the Existing Currency
    20th5-7 March, 2011
    Jamiul Uloom Furqania, Rampur (UP)
    Joint and Nuclear Families, Water Resources, Multidimensional Employments, Entertainment Tourism, Photography, Drama, Cartoons, Humour, Sports and Games
    21st3-5 March 2012
    Jamia Islamia Banjari, Indore (MP)
    Conflict between husband and wife, Drugs, Insurance
    22nd9-11 March 2013
    Jamia  Islamia  Arbia , Amroha (UP)
    Shariah Concept Concerning  Election Issues,  Shariah  Provisions of Bond in Economics & Commerce, Shariah Provisions of Bai –Wafa( Loan on Equitable)
    23rd1-3 March 2014
    Jamia Uloomul Qua’an, Jambusar, (Gujrat)
    Citizenship and its issues, Issues related to Contract, Issues related to heritage and will, Issues related with Hiba.
    24th1-3 March 2015
    Ochra, Kerala
    Issues about publishing & Composing of Holy Quran, rights of Child in Islam, A Princeple of Halal-o-Haram Food Ingredients, Terms and Conditions for the release of Halal Certificate, Donation of Human Organs and Parts.
    25th5-7 February 2016
    Jamia Islamia Arebia Badarpur (Assam)
    1. The people of Scripture and their Issues. 2. Rights of elderly and disabled persons in Islam 3. Differences of views and unity of Ummah 4. Religious Dialogue- rules and manners
    26th4-6 March, 2017
    Ujjain, MP
    Environment, Trade in Gold and Silver, obtaining benefits from Schemes of the Government and the laws in vogue pertaining to sale and purchase of land
    27th25-27 November, 2017
    Animal rights, matters pertaining to modern educational institutions, matters arsing out of sale and purchase of homes divorce and social issues relating to them.

    Sem. NoDatePlaceTopic
    28th17-19 November 2018
    The effects of ignorance (not be¬ing informed) on the Orders of Shariah, Matters concerning Information Technology, Sale and purchase of diamonds and gems, Impositions of financial penalties in the light of Sariah
    29th30thNov-2nd Dec.  2018
    Deoband, UP
    he trade of fruits of the orchard, Travel of Women without their Mehram, Sighting of the Crescent-new moon,  etc.

    Table No. 2

    Table of Academic and Intellectual Seminars Held on Different Topics:

    Prog. NoVenueDateTopic
    1New Delhi
    19 Nov, 2006
    Concept of freedom and Islamic Law
    2New Delhi
    25-26 April, 2009
    Education of Islamic Finance & Economics in Indian Madrassas
    25 July, 2009
    Women’s Rights in Islam
    4New Delhi
    23 Oct. 2009
    Ceremony of the Fiqh Encyclopedia
    5New Delhi
    24-25 Oct., 2009
    Economic Upliftment of Indian Muslims: Opportunities and Prospects
    26-27 Dec, 2009
    Education of Islamic Fiqh in Madarsas – Methods & Procedures
    7New Delhi
    2-3 Jan, 2010
    Minority Rights and Islamophobia: Confines of Freedom
    3-4 Nov, 2010
    System & Method of Ifta & Qaza Training in India
    27-28 Nov, 2010
    Family System and Rights of Women

    23-24 April, 2011
    Human Rights with Special Reference to Minority Rights
    20-22 May, 2011
    Ulama-e-Farangi Mahal – Introduction & Contribution
    12New Delhi
    28-29 May, 2011
    Relevance of Islamic Law in the Contemporary World
    21-22 Sept, 2011
    Contemporary Religious Education:  Problems & Conditions
    15-16 Oct, 2011
    Application of Islamic Fiqh in the Indian Subcontinent  and the Ottoman State
    15AMU  Alig.
    28-29 April, 2012
    Political System in Islam
    16New Delhi
    12-13 Oct. ,2012
    Concept of freedom and its application in Islamic Jurisprudence
    8-9 Nov., 2012
    Heritage of Jurisprudence in India
    6-7 Jan. 2013
    Fiqh Shafayee in India

    19New Delhi
    22-24 April, 2013
    Shari’ah Rules for Interfaith Dialogue
    20New Delhi
    2-3 Nov.,  2013
    Arabic Language in India
    29-30 March, 2014
    Waqf in India
    12 Nov, 2014
    Elements of Unity in the Schools of Jurisprudence
    13 Nov., 2014
    Current Issues and Islamic Jurisprudence
    24New Delhi
    18 Nov., 2014
    Interfaith Dialogue among Indian Religions
    25New Delhi
    9 Dec, 2014
    Islamic Thought– Introduction & History and its role in Construction of the Ummah
    21 Dec, 2014
    National Issues and Solutions in the Light of Islamic Shariah
    27New Delhi
    27 Dec, 2014
    Ummah and Concept of Unity in the Light of Islamic Teachings

    13-15,March 2015
    Pluralistic Society: Islam & Muslims.
    29New Delhi
    17-18,Fab, 2016
    Arabic Heritage in India
    27-28 Feb 2016
    The Fiqhi Heritage in the Ottoman Empire and India in Light of printed works and Manuscripts.
    31New Delhi
    27-28 Aug 2016
    Awqaf in India, Challenges & Problems
    32New Delhi
    1 Dec. 2016
    The services of Andalusian scholars in the field of Islamic jurisprudence
    33New Delhi
    3rd Dec 2016
    Effects of Mobile and Internet on Children
    34New Delhi
    10th Dec, 2016
    The Need & Importance of Moderation in the Method of Ifta
    35New Delhi
    24th  Dec, 2016
    Islamic Financial system & the one based on interest
    36Jamia Millia Islami, New Delhi
    29th Dec, 2016
    Contemporary  issues and the need for Ijtihad

    21st Jan 2017
    Current Methods of Teaching Shariah & Ways to make it better & more Effective
    38New Delhi
    21 April 2018
    Reformation of the human society: the Quranic perspective
    39New Delhi
    28-29 June 2018
    System of Zakat and Waqf: with special reference to India and Bangladesh
    40New Delhi
    2-3 September 2018
    Condition of the Muslim women in modern Indian society
    41New Delhi
    2 November 2018
    Importance of the Islamic originality in Islamic studies: with reference to India
    23-24 Feb 2019
    Modern Education in Religious Schools & Religious Education in Modern Schools
    43New Delhi
    27 April, 2019
    Arabic Poetry in India, Ancient & Modern
    44New Delhi
    20 July, 2019
    Islam & Muslims in Rajasthan: Problems & Situation
    45Mau – UP
    19-20 Oct, 2019
    Science of Hadith in India & Eminent Indian Scholars of Hadith

    46New Delhi
    9 November 2020
    Contribution of India to the Ilm-ul Kalaam (Islamic philosophy)
    47New Delhi
    21-22 November 2020
    Promotion of the Quranic sciences in India
    48New Delhi
    24 December 2020
    Some prominent scholars and thinkers and their thoughts and ideologies
    49New Delhi
    26-27 December 2020
    Role of the universities of Delhi in promotion of the Arabic language

    Table No. 3

    Workshops and Camps:

    S. No.VenueDateTopic
    1-3 Sep. 1992
    Training Camp on Different Issues of Islamic Jurisprudence
    June 1993
    Training Camp on Different Issues of Islamic Jurisprudence
    22-24 Sep. 1993
    Training Camp on Different Issues of Islamic Jurisprudence
    4thNew Delhi
    21-25 Dec 2003
    Objectives of Shariah
    5thNew Delhi
    19-24 Nov 2005
    How to teach Arabic language
    6thNew Delhi
    1-4 Dec 2005
    Objectives of Shariah
    7thNew Delhi
    8-12 Dec 2006
    Objectives of Shariah
    3-4 Feb 2007
    Modern Medical Issues
    15-16 May 2007
    Modern Medical Issues

    S. NoVenueDateTopic
    27-30 June 2007
    27-30 June 2007
    7-8 July 2007
    Modern Medical Issues
    22-24 July 2007
    Objectives of Shariah
    25-27 July 2007
    Objectives of Shariah
    29 July 2007
    Objectives of Shariah
    30-31 July 2007
    Objectives of Shariah
    1st Aug 2007
    Objectives of Shariah
    17thNew Delhi
    19-23 May 2008
    How to teach Arabic language
    21-23 June 2008
    Objectives of Shariah

    28-30 June 2008
    Objectives of Shariah
    5-8 Nov. 2009
    Principals of Islamic Jurisprudence
    21stNew Delhi
    18 Feb 2010
    Islamic Economics and its literal & Practical Application
    19-20 July 2011
    Ideological development
    21-22 July 2011
    Ideological development
    23 July 2011
    Ideological development
    25thNew Delhi
    31 August - 4th Sept
    Present Issues and expertise of research Examples of electronic and printed matter
    25-28 Jan 2014
    Methodology  of Teaching of Quran
    27thNew Delhi
    26th-30th Nov 2015
    Research Skill to Understand the Modern Issues  of Jurisprudence through print and electronic resources with their Applied Models

    28thNew Delhi
    7 March 2018
    Contemporary Islamic education in India: An academic analysis
    29thNew Delhi
    1-2 August 2018
    Syllabus of the Islamic Madrasas in Indian: traditional and modern approaches
    30thNew Delhi
    28-29 November 2020
    Women rights in Islamic Shariah and international covenants
    31stNew Delhi
    19-20 December 2020
    Application of the Shariah Maqasid (intentions) in contemporary reality

    Table No. 4

    Academic Lectures & Symposia at a Glance

    S. No.TopicPresenterDateVenue
    1.Unity of the four Madhhab
    Dr. Izzuddin Bozaghibah
    17th Oct 2012
    Lecture Hall IFA
    2.Non Muslim Organizations of India and their modus operandi
    Syed Jawed Ali
    31, May 2014
    Lecture Hall IFA
    3.The guidance of Islamic Fiqh in the finding of solutions of new issues
    Dr. Ml. Badrul Hasan Qasmi
    4th Sep, 2014
    Lecture Hall IFA
    4.Doubts & Questions of the west about Islam
    Dr. Ataullah Siddiqi
    12 th Sept 2014
    Lecture Hall IFA
    5.The Indian Muslim Community Facing new challenges
    M. Khalid Saifullah Rahmani
    22nd Oct, 2014
    Lecture Hall IFA
    6.Occupation of Aqsa by the Jews - Situation & Issues
    Dr. Zafrul Islam Khan
    1st Nov 2014
    Library Hall Joga Bai
    7.Non Muslim Organizations of India
    Mr. Syed Jawed Ali
    13th Nov 2014
    Darul Uloom Waqf, Deoband
    8.The Services of Saudi Arabia in Islamic Fiqh
    Dr. Mohd Ozair Shams Makki
    17th Dec 2014
    Lecture Hall IFA
    9.Hindu organisations of India: institutions and personalities
    Mr. Abdur Rashid Agwan
    29th April 2015
    Jamiatul Falah Baleriaganj UP

    S. No.TopicPresenterDateVenue
    10.International scenario and Media
    Dr. Zafrul Islam Khan Sahab
    30th April, 2015
    Madrastaul Islah Sraimeer, Azamgarh
    11.International scenario and Media
    Dr. Zafrul Islam Khan Sahab
    30th April, 2015
    Jamiatul Falah Baleria Ganj, UP
    12.Mixing of Haram Items in Existing Food Products
    Dr. Zul Fiqar Arrasheed Azad
    10th May 2015
    Jamia Shah Waliullah, Muradabad
    13.The Hatred towards Islam & Muslims in western countries, couses & solutions
    Dr. Ataullah Siddiqi
    Lecture Hall IFA
    14.Hinduism, its organisations and their modus operandi
    Janab Abdur Rashid Agwan
    9th April 2016
    Jamia Imam Anwar, Deoband
    15.Haram constituents in present  food products
    Dr. Zul Fiqar Arrasheed Azad
    9th April 2016
    Jamia Imam Anwar, Deoband
    16.Haram constituents in present  food products
    Dr. Zul Fiqar Arrasheed Azad
    9th April 2016
    Darul Uloom Zakaria Deoband
    17.Hinduism, its organisations and their modus operandi
    Janab Abdur Rashid Agwan
    9th April 2016
    Darul Uloom Zakaria, Deoband
    18.Evolution of Islamic Fiqh with reference to the services of four Imams
    Dr. Mohd Akram Nadvi
    20th July, 2016
    Lecture Hall IFA

    S. No.TopicPresenterDate
    19.The curriculum for Dawah and Training in the light of the books of Allama Badiuzzaman Saeed Norsi
    Dr. Ahmad Mustafa Sabri Turky
    17th Oct, 2016
    Lecture Hall IFA
    20.The unity and disparity  on the Hijri Calendar-an overview
    Abdul Lateef, S. Usman, Irshad Seth, Ahmad
    6th Nov 2016
    Lecture Hall IFA
    21.The objections to Islam by the West
    Professor Ibrahim Moosa, Indiana, America
    8th Jan 2017
    Lecture Hall IFA
    22.The status of the currency, legally historically and as per the shariah
    Dr. Hifzur Rab, Allahabad
    21st Jan, 2017
    Lecture Hall IFA
    23.The Creation of the Human in the light of the Quran
    Dr. Ehsan Qasim Assalehi, Turkey
    18th Feb, 2017
    Lecture Hall IFA
    24.Iraq-Past, Present and Future
    Dr. Asad Saleh
    15th April, 2017
    Lecture Hall IFA
    25.Introduction to important books written on Islam in America in the 21st century
    Professor Ibrahim Moosa, Indiana, America
    29 Oct. 2017
    Lecture Hall IFA
    26.The future of dialogue with religions Electronic Currency - An Introduction
    Dr. Ataullah Siddique,  Sheikh Faisal Ahmad M
    12 Dec. 2017
    Lecture Hall IFA
    27.Sunni Institutions & Prominent Scholars in Iran
    Dr. Obaidullah Ismaeel, Zahidan, Iran
    19-Jan 2018
    Lecture Hall IFA

    S. No.TopicPresenterDateVenue
    28.Modern Economics, Current Currency, Financing & Methods of Trade: Introduction  & Analysis
    Dr. Waqar Anwar
    30 Jan- 2018
    Darul Uloom Waqf,  Deoband
    29.India’s Political System, the Constitution of India & the Muslim Minority
    Dr. Arshi Khan
    4 Feb 2018
    Darul Uloom  Waqf,  Deoband
    30.The Great Mosque of Imam Azam (In Iraq): Its History and Services
    Dr. Ismaeel Abbas Al- Jameeli
    14 Feb 2018
    Lecture Hall IFA
    31.Approaches of the current media
    Ml. Obaidullah Asadi
    22 Feb 2018
    Lecture Hall IFA
    32.Introduction of the Muslim historian
    Ml. Khalid Saifullah Rahmani, Ml. Ateeq Ahmad Bastawi
    9 March 2018
    Lecture Hall IFA
    33.Opportunities and benefits for the graduates of the madrasas in modern learning places
    Ml. Ateeq Ahmad Bastawi
    15 July 2018
    Lecture Hall IFA
    34.Doctor Fuad Sizgeen and his Academic Works
    Dr. Razi ul Islam Nadwi, Dr. Mushtaq Tijarwi, Dr. Waris Mazhari, Dr. Ozair Shams
    28th  July, 2018
    Lecture Hall IFA
    35.Importance of contemplation, deliberation and intellect: In the light of the Quran and the Sunnah
    Ml. Khalid Saifullah Rahmani
    13 August 2018
    Lecture Hall IFA
    36.The Invitation of Allama Iqbal to rejuvenation of Islamic Thought
    Prof. Abdul Haq, Prof Tawqir Ahmad Khan
    15th Sept. 2018
    Lecture Hall IFA

    S. No.TopicPresenterDateVenue
    37.Allama Shibli in the light of his thoughts
    Prof. Muhsin Usmani Nadwi, Mr. Ziauddeen Naiyer
    19th Sept., 2018
    Maahad Al aali Hyderabad
    38.Introduction to International Institutions
    Dr. Syed Hasnain Ahmad Nadwi
    20th Sept., 2018
    Maahad Al aali, Hyderabad
    39.Latest Systems of governance and politics of the west
    Mr. Syed Islamuddin Mujahid
    23rd Sept., 2018
    Maahad Al aali, Hyderabad
    40.The Services of Imam Syed Muhammad Ali Mungeri
    Maulana Ateeq Ahmad Bastawi
    2nd Oct., 2018
    Lecture Hall IFA
    41.The Moral Aspects of the Personality of the Messenger of Allah
    Dr. Ehsan Qasim Salehi
    1st Nov., 2018
    Lecture Hall IFA
    42.Contemporary Issues & their Solutions
    Ml. Khalid Saifullah Rahmani
    31 Jan 2019
    Darul Uloom Waqf, Deoband
    43.Islam & Muslims in Australia: Problems & Situations
    Dr. Syed M. Anas Nadvi
    2 March 2019
    Lecture Hall IFA
    44.Philosophy & Prominent Muslim Philosophers
    Dr. Waris Mazhari
    7 Sep 2019
    Lecture Hall IFA
    45.Reality of Al-Quds & Al Aqsa Mosque Today
    Sheikh Sameer Saeed
    14 Sept 2019
    Lecture Hall IFA

    S. No.TopicPresenterDateVenue
    46.Building the Human Personality in the Light of Quranic Verses
    Dr. Moneer Dawood Toraan
    29 Oct 2019
    Lecture Hall IFA
    47.Recent Changes in Europe as well as Upcoming Research & Education on Islam in Europe
    Dr. Ataullah Siddiqi
    4 Nov 2019
    Lecture Hall IFA
    48.Turkey’s Genius Dr. Fowad Cezgin & his Great Scholarly Works
    Dr. Raziul Islam Nadvi
    14 Dec 2019
    Lecture Hall IFA
    49.Women’s financial rights and the current social situation
    Mufti Ahmad Nadir Qasmi
    10 Oct. 2020
    Lecture Hall IFA
    50.English Translation of the Holy Quran - Problems and Solutions
    Dr. Qamruddin Qasmi
    24 Oct. 2020
    Lecture Hall IFA
    51.Sira Rasool and the current Muslim society
    Prof. Junaid Haris
    31 October 2020
    Lecture Hall IFA
    52.Impact of the power change in America on the politics of the West Asia
    Dr. Mohammad Arshad
    14 November 2020
    Lecture Hall IFA
    53.Indian judicatory and its system
    Syed Inaamuddin Daoudi
    8 December 2020
    Al Mahadul Aali Patna
    54.Personality building: In the light of the Quran and the Sunnah
    Ml. Mohammad Obaidullah Asadi
    10 December 2020
    Al Mahadul Aali Patna

    S. No.TopicPresenterDateVenue
    55.Minorities in India: their issue and rights
    Syed Arshad Jamal,Syed Taiyab Palki Wala,Syed Imtiyaz Ahmad
    20 December 2020
    Darul Uloom, Mau
    56.Issues of the women in employments
    Prof. Maoud Alam Falahi, Ml. Ahmad Ilyas Nomani
    21 December 2020
    Marwa Educational Foundation Lucknow
    57.Bihar assembly election: its impact and Muslims planning
    Ml. Sanaulhuda Qasmi
    26 December 2020
    Al Mahadul Aali, Patna






    In the field of Translation:

    A. Translation of Mausua Fiqhia Kuwaitiya in Urdu 45 Valiums 

    B. Translation of the Maqasid-e-Shariya Books (From Arabic into Urdu):

    • List of Objectives of Sharia (3 Volumes) (Dr Kamal Imam).
    • Objective of Sharia (Dr Salim Al-Awa).
    • Simplified Guide in Objective of Sharia (Dr Hashim Kamali).
    • Objective of Sharia: A Reader for Beginners (Dr Jasir Awdah).
    • Objective of Sharia (Dr Jasir Awdah).
    • Concept of Objectives of Imam Ibn Aashoor (Dr Ahmad Raisooni).
    • Role of Objectives (Dr Salim Alawa).
    • General Objectives of Islamic Sharia (Dr Yusuf Hamid Al-alim).
    • Jurisprudence of Objectives (Dr Jasir Awdah).
    • Towards Accelerating of Objectives of Sharia (Dr Jamaluddin Atiya).
    • Rules of Objectives of Imam Shatibi (Dr Abdurrehman Ibrahim Al-Kilani).
    • Objectives of Sharia relating to Financial Dispositions (Dr Izzuddin bin Zaghibah).
    • Discipline of Sharia Objectives (Dr Nooruddin Mukhtar al-Khadimi).

    Note:-These books have been mentioned here for only examples, there are other books, which have been written by the Academy around the objectives.

    C . Urdu translation of Books of the Contemporary Islamic Scholars on the rights of women:

    • Participation of Women by Dr Wasfi Aashoor.
    • Freedom of Women by Sheikh Abu Shuqqah.
    • Fatawa of Qarzai as to Women.
    • Freedom of Women by Dr Ammarah.
    • Center of Women in Islamic Way of Life by Qarzawi.
    • Women Issues by Sheikh Muhammad Ghazali.
    • Political Jurisprudence of Women by Dr Iqbal Mutawwa.
      (These books have been mentioned as example, there are other books also which have been translated by the Academy on the women Issues).

    D.  Urdu translation of Books on Contemporary Jurisprudence: 

    • Jurisprudence of Minorities by Dr Yusuf Alqarzawi.
    • Jurisprudence of Minorities by Dr Salah Sultan.
    • Jurisprudence of Minorities by Dr Jamal Atiya.
    • Reasons of Differences in Fatawa by Dr Yusuf Alqarzawi.
    • Insurance System by Dr Mustafa al-Zarqa.
    • Factors of capacity and flexibility in Sharia by Dr Qarzawi.
    • Islamic Reform by Dr Abdul Hameed.
    • Islamic Religious Education between renewal and stagnation.

    E . Translation of Research Papers and Articles in Urdu:

    • Consequences of Prejudice in Methodology of Finding out the Objectives by Dr Hani Ahmad.
    • Islamic Unity by Dr Adnan Qattan.
    • Ways to take advantage from Crises.
    • Renewal of Islamic Jurisprudence by Dr Wahba Zuhaili.

    F. Translation of 20 Academic Books in English, Hindi and Arabic

    • Water Resources.
    • Education of Islamic Economics.
    • Jurisprudential Decisions.
    • Medical Issues.
    • Sale by Installments.
    • Contemporary Issues.
    • Dialogue.
    • World Peace.
    • Shares and Companies.
    • Environmental Issues.
    • AIDS.
    • Internet.
    • Social Issues.
    • Reasons of Differences in Fatawa.
    • Condition in Marriage.
    • Human Cloning
    • Slaughter by Machines.
    • Forced Marriage.
    • Development of Waqf.
    • Guardianship in Marriage.
    • Economic Development of Indian Muslims.
    • Equality.
    • Women in the age of prophesy.

    Note: These have been mentioned as example, there are other books to translated on different topics.

    Preparation of the Other Encyclopedia

    Encyclopedia of Indian Fuqha in Urdu 28 Century including 46 Indian Faqeeh.

    In the field of Printing and Publishing:

    Publication of Jurisprudential books exceeding 200 in number.

    Tens of booklets, papers and reports have been published on different topics to distribute in the workshops, camps and seminars with the publication of collection of research papers and essays on the occasion of seminars and others and to enhance the publication and printing activities, the Academy established “IFA Publications”, which published more than 350 books and more than 60 manuscripts are ready for the publication and this organization has been registered legally, it functions in the field of publication and distribution under the guidance of the Academy. 

    In the field of studies and research:

    The Academy turned to preparing intellectual and jurisprudential studies in cooperation with the researchers and intellectuals as it prepared jurisprudential researches to develop the potentials of the authors and researcher to encourage them and in this field, the Academy has made achievements reaching 30 studies and researches in number. 

    In the field of researching 2 manuscripts – Sinwanul Qaza and Mukhtarat-al-Nawazil have been printed and distributed and there are other manuscripts also which were researched for example “Kitab-al-Tajnees”.

    In the field of Intellectual Cooperation with international institutions and universities:  

    There is an academic cooperation with the International Union of Muslim Scholars and International Institute for Fatawa in the University of Islamic Sciences in Malaysia, International Institute of Islamic Thought, ESESCO, Center for Research Excellence in University of Muhammad Saud, Center for Islamic Research in Turkey and Center of Jumatul Majid, European Committee of Ifta and Research and international jurisprudential institutes.

    Achievements in cooperation with University Researchers:

    The Academy cooperates with university researchers particularly in the department of Islamic studies and Arabic languages in different Indian universities in selection of topics of research for doctorate and in furnishing information about the research materials in the field of ifta.

    Achievements publication of Academy books in other country:

    • 32 Urdu Books in Pakistan
    • 40 Arabic & English Books in Lebanon
    • 4 English Books in Malaysia
    • 7 Arabic Books in Egypt
    • 1 Arabic Books in Saudi
    • 1 English Books in Qatar
    • 1 English Books in America

    Participation of Academy in International Conferences

    • 20 Participation  in Saudi
    • 5 Participation in Turkey
    • 4 Participation in Qatar
    • 4 Participation in Malaysia
    • 2 Participation in Pakistan
    • 3 Participation in UAE
    • 2 Participation in USA
    • 2 Participation in UK
    • 4 Participation in South Africa
    • 5 Participation in Iran
    • 1 Participation Hong Kong
    • 1 Participation Maldives
    • 1 Participation in Nepal
    • 1 Participation In Jordan

    Academic Cooperation with the International Organization and Academies:

    There are agreement and memorandum of understanding  between IFA and others like IIIT, Esesco, Imam Saud University, ISAR (Turkey), Markaz-e-Juma Al Majid (UAE), European Ifta Committee, Higher Committee of Islamic Affairs Turkey, Darul Ifta Eygept,  and International Fatwa Center Malaysia, Center of Legal Studies Bangladesh.

    Cooperation with the University Ph.D Scholars:

    IFA is providing academic and research material to the research scholars of different universities in India and outside India specially of Ph.D level.