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Modern Issues and Islamic Jurisprudence

Date: 13-11-2014
Venue: Hyderabad MANU University

A one day seminar of Islamic Fiqh Academy India was held on Modern issues and Islamic Jurisprudence at the Department of Islamic Studies in Collaboration with Maulana Azad National Urdu University Hyderabad on 19th Muharram Al Haram 1436AH, Corresponding to 13-11-2014.  The program was held at the auditorium of the Central Library of the University.

Besides the inaugural and the valedictory sessions of this one day seminar, two sessions with also held.  The inaugural session was presided over by Dr. Khawaja Mohammad Shahid, Vice Chancellor Maulana Azad National University, Dr. Mohammad Fahim Akhtar Nadvi head of the Deptt of Islamic Studies welcomed the guests.

The main address was delivered by the Ml. Khalid Saifullah Rahmani (General Secretary Islamic Fiqh Academy (India).  In his address he mainly dwelt on three points.

  1. What are the modern issues why they corp up?
  2. What is the solution to the new issues?
  3. How to resolve the new issues

Concluding his inspiring address he answered the questions put by the audience.

Expressing his view on the address Dr. Rahmatullah Registrar of the MANU, said that disorder and conflicts among in Muslim Community has made the Ummah insignificant in the eye of the word nations.  This is the high time that we initiate dialogue among various Islamic sects and start our persuit for ethical values.  In his presidential address Dr. Khawja Muhammad Shahid admired the services of the Islamic Fiqh Academy India concerning the resolution of new issues.  Referring to the academic publications of the Academy he appreciated it and said that he gets inspiration from the study of those books and he was much impressed by its research standard.  He said that the only way to resolve the new issues is to turn to Ijtihad (inference).  There is fairness and temperance in it.  Janab Taufeequllah Bukhari thanked the guests.  Maulana Syed Abdul Rashid conducted the program.

The first session of the seminar was presided over by Maulana Khalid Saifullah Rahmani.  The following scholars presented their articles:

  1. Modern issues, Communication and Islamic Jurisprudence (Maulana Mohammad Umar Abidin Qasmi Madni)
  2. Modern Medical Issues and Islamic Jurisprudence (Dr. Fahim Akhtar Nadvi)
  3. Modern issues confronting Indian Muslim community and Guidance by the Islamic Jurisprudence (Maulana Mohammad Mustafa Abdul Quddus Nadvi)
  4. Curricula of Islamic Jurisprudence at Indian Universities – A Comparative Study (Dr. Muhammad Irfan Ahmad)
  5. Environmental issues and their solution in the perspective of Islamic Jurisprudence (Maulana Syed Abdul Rashid)
  6. Modern Ways to Purify polluted water in the light of Islamic Jurisprudence (Maulana Syed Ahmad Wamiz Nadvi)

There was a session of questions after the presentation of the papers.  The meeting was conducted by Dr. Waris Mazhari teacher of the Deptt of Islamic Students.

Second session of the seminar was presided over by Dr. Mohammad Fahim Akhtar nadvi head of the Deptt of Islamic Studies following scholars presented their papers:

  1. Various uses of dead animals, in the perspective of Islamic Jurisprudence (Maulana Arif Billah Qasmi)
  2. Modern Ecological Problems and Islamic Jurisprudence (Mufti Tanzim Alam Qasmi)
  3. Women Employment and Islamic Fiqh (Dr. Samina Tabish)
  4. Issues faced by Muslims in a pluralistic society and Islamic Jurisprudence (Dr. Waris Mazhari)
  5. Womens new problems and Islamic Jurisprudence (Dr. Muhammad Azam Nadvi)
  6. Juvenile prisons and their problems, in the light of Islamic Jurisprudence (Maulana Jahangeer Haidar Qasmi).
  7. women Military training their employment and ruling concerning it. (Maulana Shaukat Sana Qasmi).
  8. Social issues and Islamic Jurisprudence (Dr. Safdar Zubair Nadvi)
  9. Insurance and Islamic Jurisprudence (Mufti Imtiaz Ahmad Qasmi)

Session of questions and answers was also held at the conclusion of the seminar.  The session was conducted by Dr. Safdar Zubair Nadvi.

The concluding session of the seminar was presided over by Prof. Dastageer Alam of Deptt of business management.  Dr. Fahim Akhtar presented the details of the papers presented at the seminar and other proceedings while Dr. Samina Tabish and Maulana Syed Abdul Rasheed offered their views on the seminar.

In his presidential address Prof. Dastageer Alam said research standard should be raised at the universities we should convince the world that Islamic offers comprehensive solution to all the issues, economic, social and political etc.  We should present Islamic guidance to those problems in a modern and contemporary style.

Zeeshan Sarah, student of the department of Islamic studies thanked the guests of the seminar.


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