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Programmes During 2015-16

  • 25 Fiqhi Seminar
  • Islamic Heritage in India
  • Indo-Arab Cultural relation
  • New Issues of Medical Science
  • Research Methodology in Modern Fiqh
  • The Principles of Modern Fiqh
  • New Aspects of Islamic Jurisprudence
  • Lectures in Religious Madarsas
  • Lectures in Indian Universities
  • Lectures in Other Places
 Academic Debate:
  • Reasons for the Chang of Fatwa
  • Imam Auza’ee and his Fiqh
  • Features of Fiqh-e-Hanafi
  • Discussion about “Hujjatullahil Baliga” by Dehlavi
  • Discussion about “Arabic Heritage of India”
  • Discussion about “Maza Khaserul Aalam” by Abul Hasan Ali
 Preparation of Books in Arabic:
  • New Frame of Islamic Thoughts
  • Islamic Heritage in India
  • History of Islamic Lawyers in 20 years century
  • Encyclopedia of Indian Fuqaha
  • Jurisprudence of Culture in Islam
 Translation of Books and Papers in Deferent Language:
 International Series of Books on Prophet Mohammad (SAW) in Arabic and Urdu
 Preparation of Research Papers in Arabic, Urdu & English
 Printing of Books
 Printing of Calendar 2016
 Printing of Reports and Arabic Magazine


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