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The later decades of the twentieth century were graced by many luminaries, illustrious personalities and encyclopedic souls in the Islamic world, and particularly the Arab World.

The unparalleled services they have rendered and the enormous efforts they have made towards maintaining the momentum and vivacity of the Islamic Fiqh together with injecting it with fresh doses of energy and eloquence have richly contributed to the treasure- trove of the Islamic Fiqh.

Their works lend the Islamic Fiqh a broader perspective and wider approach in the background of the issues cropping up in contemporary times. It is in this context of completely changing social, political and economic frameworks that interpretative strength and capability of Fiqh has been shown in meeting the contemporary challenges.

Taking the above into consideration, the Academy has selected and translated many Arabic books on Islamic Fiqh into Urdu for the benefit of the millions of Urdu knowing Muslims spread across the South Asian subcontinent.

1.      Translation of 45 Volume Fiqhi Encyclopedia

The monumental Fiqhi Encyclopedia has been compiled and published in 45 volumes, from Alif upto Yaa by the Ministry of Awqaf, Kuwait in a period spanning over 30 years. Several editions of this work have been published in Arabic.

The Urdu translation of this encyclopedia has been effectively completed by the Academy in a short span of 8 years with the help of expert translators and Islamic scholars. The Urdu version is also spread into the same number of volumes.

The translation work was undertaken with utmost precision and dedication. Standards were formulated and were implemented in five different stages under the supervision of various committees comprising a number of eminent Ulema.

Thereafter, a Committee formed by the Ministry itself, scanned it word by word and checked it for accuracy and authenticity.

12 volumes of the translated version have been published. The scanning on the few last volumes is continuing.

2.      Resolutions of Makkah Fiqh Academy

The Makkah Fiqh Academy was officially established in the month of Muharram, 1396 A.H. under the aegis of the Rabita-e-Alam-e-Islami.

Up till now, the Academy has organized 19 Fiqhi Seminars at the international level and had passed more than a hundred resolutions about the various facets of life. The IFA Publications has published Urdu translation of these resolutions.  

3.      Resolutions of the Jeddah Fiqh Academy

The Jeddah Fiqh Academy is an organization established by the Islamic Conference (OIC). The basic objective of establishing this Academy is to deliberate upon the burning issues facing the Islamic Ummah and seek solutions for them in accordance with the Shariah. The IFA Publications has published Urdu translation of these resolutions.

4.   Resolutions of European Council for Fatwa and Research

The European Council for Fatwa and Research is a Dublin-based organization. It was founded in London on 21-22 Dhul Qida 1417 AH (29 March - 30 March 1997) on the initiative of the Federation of Islamic Organizations in Europe. It mainly consists of eminent Ulema and Fuqaha from all over the world. Its president is Allama Yusuf al-Qaradawi.

The IOS Centre for Islamic Studies has published this Urdu translation. 

Translations of important books on jurisprudence:

Getting important books on Fiqh translated in to various regional languages Urdu, Arabic, English, Persian, Hindi, Malayalam and Tamil etc is also one of the objectives of the Islamic Fiqh Academy India. The following are the books that have been translated:

From Arabic into Urdu:

1.      Ideological base of Islamic Jurisprudence by Dr. Jamaluddin Atia.

2.      General concept of the Islamic Shariah by Dr. Jamaluddin Atia.

3.      Islamic Jurisprudence and the demands of the changing conditions by Abdul Ghaffar Sharif.

4.      Islamic and other Civilizations by Dr. Taha Jabir Alwani

5.      Objectives of the Shariah in the contemporary perspective by Dr. Jamaluddin Atiya.

6.      Shariah rulings by the Islamic Fiqh Academy Jeddah

7.      Jurisprudential rulings by the Islamic Fiqh Academy Makkah

8.      Methodological crisis in the study of modern jurisprudential students.

9.      Jurisprudential rulings by European Ifta Council.

10. Fiqhi demands and us Dr. Yusuf Qarzavi.

Apart from the above Academy has translated important works of other Academic institutions as detailed below:

1.      The concept of objectives as per Imam Shatibi views by Ahmad Al Raisuni.

2.      The objective principles as stated by Imam Shatibi, an analytical study by Abdur Rahman Ibrahim al Kilani

3.      General Objectives of the Shariah.

4.      Fiqhul Aqalliat – Introduction, analysis and resolution by Dr. Jamaluddin Atiya Mohammad.

5.      The Concept of objectives as per Imam Mohd. Tahir bin Ashur by Ismail al Hasani

6.      Fiqhul Aqalliat by Dr. Salhuddin Sultan

7.      Al Hikmat Zallatul Momin by Dr. Taha Jabir Alwani

8.      Usool Fiqh Islami by Dr. Taha Jabir Al Alwani

From Urdu to Arabic

1.      Shariah Issue of slaughter

2.      Forcing girl to marry

3.      Relations between Muslims and non Muslims

4.      World peace and Islam

5.      New issues relating to Awqaf

6.      Islamic judiciary by Qazi Mujahidul Islam Qasmi

7.      Academic studies

8.      Development of Waqf

9.      Collective inference by Ml. Abul Hasan Ali Nadvi

10. Essays by Arab scholars.

11. Contemporary Fatawa.

From Urdu to English:

1.     Contemporary Medical Issues

2.      AIDS

3.      Cloning

4.      Islamic Concept of Animal Slaughter

5.      Islam and Inter Community Relationship

6.      Juristic Decisions

7.      Interest Free Banking

8.      Use of Internet

9.      World Peace and Islam

10. Islamic Banking

From Urdu to Hindi:

1.     Forced Marriage

2.     Important Fiqhi Decisions

3.     Guardianship in Nikah

4.     Muslim and Non Muslim relationship

5.     Conditions in Nikah

From Urdu into Malyalam, Telgu, Tamil, Gujarati:

1.     Important decisions based o jurisprudence


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