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Report of Lectures

1- Non Muslim organizations in India and their functioning

On 21st May 2014 a seminar was held at the Conference Hall of the Fiqh Academy (India). Mr. Jawed Ali delivered his lecture on “Non Muslim Organizations of India and their Method of Functioning”.  He dwelt extensively on RSS, why it was established, its shadow organizations Shakhas, its mission, mode of functioning its eminent leaders, its educational and religious institutions etc.  He answered questions from the audience.  The seminar was attended by teachers, students, scholars, representatives from various organizations and journalists.

2- Fiqh guidance in resolving contemporary issues

An academic seminar was held at the Conference Hall of Fiqh Academy India on 4-9-2014.  Maulana Dr. Badrul Hasan Qasmi (Vice President Fiqh Academy India) delivered his inspiring lecture on guidance of Fiqh in the resolution of modern issues: The program was attended by the students, scholars from various universities, scholars from different organizations and research scholars.  The audience posed intellectual questions which were answered by the learned speaker.

3- West suspicion and questions concerning Islam

An academic seminar was held at the Conference Hall of the Fiqh Academy India on 12-09-2014.  Dr. Ataullah Siddiqi former director of Mark Field Institute of Higher Education Leister UK and well known scholar on Inter Faith Dialogue delivered his lecture on “Suspicions and Questions by the West Concerning Islam”. The seminar was attended by teachers of various universities in Delhi, Ulama, scholars, office bearers of various organizations, intellectuals from the locality and research scholars; The audience put their questions on the subjects and the learned speaker answered.

4- Challenges Confronting Indian Muslim Society

A seminar was held at the Conference Hall of the Fiqh Academy India on 22-10-2014.  Maulana Khalid Saifullah Rahmani General Secretary Islamic Fiqh Academy India, delivered his thought provoking lecture on “Challenges confronting Indian Muslims Society”. He not only pointed out towards the challenges in the educational, economic, social, community affairs and political field but also suggested steps to be taken to face and resolve these challenges.  The program was attended by scholars, intellectuals and Ulama. Questions were raised by the audience which wise answered by the learned speaker.

5- Jewish occupation on Masjid Aqsa, situation and problems

On 1-11-2014 a program was held at the Library Hall of Fiqh Academy India Joga Bai New Delhi on “Illegal control of the Masjid Aqsa by the jews – Situtions and Problems” eminent scholar, All India President of Majlis Mushawarat and editor Milli Gazette Dr. Zafarul Islam addressed the meeting.  He dwelt at length on the history of Baitul Muqaddas (Jerusalam) from one era to another one Jewish attempt to occupy the Masjid Aqsa. UN resolution concerning it, Muslim world insensivity about Masjid Aqsa, social and political situation of Palestinian Muslims, importance of Hamas and fateh and Jewish nefarious designs. The program was attended beside the secretary of the Academy, Ulamas, Scholars, Intellectuals, Imams and Journalists.  The audience put their questions at the end of the program.

6- Non Muslim Organizations of India

Syed Jawed Ali the eminent journalist delivered his detail lecture on “Non Muslim organizations of India” on 13-11-2014 at Darul Uloom Waqf Deoband.  He briefly introduced all the leading organizations and institutions.


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