Economic Issues

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1. Business Transactions by Modern Means of Communication
2. Status of Currency Notes in Shariah
3. Buying and Selling on Installments (Bai-Bit-Taqseet)
4. Mark-up pricing (Murabaha)
5. Sale of Rights
6. Buying and Selling before getting Possession
7. Trade of Fish which are Still in Water
8. Shares and their Sale & Purchase
9. Company Shares
10. The Issue of Pagdi
11. Insurance of Life and Property Due to Communal Violence
12. The Status of Currency and its Exchange between Two Countries
13. Issues Concerning Interest (Riba)
14. Commercial Interest and the Islamic Shariah
15. On the Use of Bank Interest
16. Service Charges of Interest-Free Loan Societies
17. Guidelines for Islamic Banks
18. The Feasibility of Islamic Banking In India
19. Establishment of Islamic Financial Institutions
20. Bank Cards
21. Multi Level Marketing
22. Educational Loans
23. Position of the existing Currency in Shariah
24. Tawarruq
25. Children’s Partnership in the Business of their Father
26. Multidimensional Employments
27. Islamic Insurance (Takaful)
28. Bai Wafa
29. Sukook
30. Rulings to the Gift
31. Rulings as to Istisna Contract
32. Resolutions Regarding: Taking Benefits from the Government Schemes
33. Issues related to Purchase & Sale of Land
34. Business of Gold & Silver
35. New Issues Pertaining to Sale & Purchase of Houses
36. Sale & Purchase of Diamonds & Gems
37. Impositions of Financial Penalties in the Light of Shariah