Social Issues

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1. Rights of the Bride, the Bridegroom & the Guardians in Nikah
2. Nikah by Telephone, Video Conferencing and Internet
3. Nikah by Force
4. Family Parity (Kufa) in Marriage
5. Marriage with Conditions
6. Injunctions of Shariah about Mehr
7. Position of Demanding Dowry from the Bride Family
8. One Divorce in a State of Intoxication (Talaq-e-Sakran)
9. Inheritance of Agricultural Property by Muslim Women
10. Sex Education
11. Rights of Prisoners
12. Women Employment
13. Divorce granted by a Court of Law in a Non Muslim Country
14. Joint and Nuclear Families
15. Water Resources
16. Conflict between Husband and Wife
17. Use of Intoxicating Stuff (Drugs)
18. Shariah Commandments related to Election
19. Rulings regarding Inheritance & Will
20. Children Rights in Islam
21. Issues and Orders Regarding Ahl-e-Kitab (People of Book)
22. Rights of Old & Weak People in Islam
23. Talaq Gadban (Divorce in Anger)
24. Social Issues arising out of Divorce (TALAQ)
25. Animal Rights & Rulings in this Respect
26. The Effects of Ignorance (not being informed) on the Orders of Shariah