Issue Related To Worship And Offering(ibadat)

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Position of Mosques according to Shariah
2. The Issues related to Hajj & Umrah
3. Zakat and the Exemption of Bare Necessities
4. Zakat on Debts
5. Zakat on Business Advances & Security Deposits
6. Zakat on Diamonds and Jewelry
7. Zakat on Provident Funds
8. The status of the Muhtamim (Manager) and Contribution Collectors of Madrasa
9. Investment of the Zakat Money
10. Collection of Zakat on Commission
11. Zakat on the Assets of Madaris
12. Zakat on Prohibited Sums(Mal-e-Haram)
13. Payment of Zakat as Stipends to Students
14. Clarification on the Meaning of Fi Sabilillah
15. Lands on which Agriculture Cess (Ushr) and Revenue is Levied
16. Deduction of Expenses For determining the Nisab of Ushr
17. Method of Payment of Revenue (Kharaj) and adjusting it against The Government Revenue
18. Agriculture Cess (Ushr) on The Produce of Ushri Lands
19. Ushr on Lands under Tenancy
20. Ushr on Fish, Makhana, Silk, etc
21. Ushr on the Fruits & Vegetables Grown in Courtyard, Roof-tops, Adjoining Lands & on Waqf Lands
22. The Issues related to Awqaf
23. The Creation of New Awqaf
24. Issues related to Slaughtering
25. Applying Modern Methods of Medical Treatment during a Fast
26. Starting Point of Journey
27. Shariah Command Convening the Place of Employment
28. Rami Jamar
29. Staying at Mina
30. Which place will hold credibility during the days of offering Sacrifice?
31. Composing and Publication of the Quranic Text and its Translation
32. The Quranic Volumes Published in Indian Sub Continent